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Ultraviolet Disinfecting Lights  

Kills 99.99% of Bacteria & Viruses Safely Including COVID-19 

Ultraviolet disinfecting lights also known as UVC lights is scientifically proven to be effective and safe for disinfecting any space from viruses and bacteria including the novel coronavirus. Creating a clean environment for your business or home has never been this easy, safe, and affordable.

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Fast Acting

 Your high traffic areas can be disinfected within minutes with our UV-C disinfection lights. On average a 250 sq.ft. area can be completely disinfected in 10 minutes. For 24 hour air disinfection you can also use our BAir system that disinfect the air throughout the day.

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UVC Technology

UV-C lamps will disinfect anything the light touches and kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria including COVID-19. UV-C disinfection is currently being used in many applications world-wide in hospitals, transportation, food industries, water treatment facilities, and more.

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Yes it’s safe! When used in accordance with manufacturer instructions our UV-C lamps are straight forward to operate, leave no chemical residue, have built in safety features that activate at the first sign of tampering and include delayed start timers.

Is ultraviolet lights (UVC lights) safe to use?

Yes! When used in accordance with manufacturer instructions the products pictured above can be extremely efficient, straight forward to operate, and no chemicals are used or residue are left after disinfecting. Each product has built in safety features that activate at the first sign of tampering and a delayed start timer allows for safe exit of any room before turning on.

These products use direct UVC exposure and are meant to be used alone and should not be used while in the presence of people, plants, and animals. Only the B-Air V2 Disinfecting Unit SE & UV Box may be used in the presence of others as this uses indirect exposure.

Download a copy of the Philips UV Technology brochure and learn the science behind UVC lights.

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Add UV-C lights to your cleaning protocol

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How does UVC light kill 99.99% of Viruses & Bacteria?

UVC light technology is short wavelength ultraviolet light between 200-280 nm. It’s  proven to have germicidal properties that inactivates or kill micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and spores. When UVC irradiation comes into contact with a micro-organism it causes a photochemical reaction as the radiation is absorbed damage to the micro-organism’s DNA ensues. The action of the absorption of the photon makes the microbe unable to replicate. UVC has been recognized for over a century and is currently used to disinfect in areas like health care, public transportation, food and water industries. 

Ultraviolet lights has endless applications and can disinfect in other sector like education, dental, theaters, gym, locker rooms, elevators, meeting rooms and so much more. 

Talk to our consultants to see how we can incorporate UVC light into your space