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Tube Exhibit System

Skyline Tube System is a designer’s dream. Tube parts are available in a variety of sizes and curved radius’. Combine the structural tube components with vibrant Skyline fabric graphics offers unlimited design options for brand messaging and product merchandising. Tube System also works seamlessly with other Skyline modular systems so you can build big and get noticed.

Big Impact, Low Operating Costs
Tube System is extremely durable and easy to install and dismantle. Parts are made with solid steel and connectors ensure parts fit together perfectly. By dressing up a Tube Exhibit with Skyline fabric graphics, you maximize the impact while using a minimum amount of structure. Parts pack small to save big on exhibit operating costs like shipping, storage and drayage.

Slotted Tube: The Next Generation of Tube
Slots running the length of the tube provide opportunity for accessorizing your Tube trade show exhibit. Add shelves, water wall brackets, board mounted graphics, hangrails, lighting, wire management, and more.

Graphic Tube Light
Dress up your Tube exhibition stand with illuminated shades carrying your brand or message to attract more attention and give you a custom look.

Lighting Up Your Tube Exhibit
Tube System can host any of Skyline’s fine line of trade show exhibit lighting solutions.