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Tube Ultra® Trade Show Display System

Tube Ultra® is the perfect system for exhibitors who require structure to support product and presentation equipment, but want to avoid the weight and costs of systems that were designed to create larger island exhibits. Tube Ultra’s sleek profile (much smaller than the standard Tube System) allows for less expensive production costs and less expensive operational costs to the exhibitor.  It’s also ideal for any size of inline exhibit and can be expanded or reconfigured to the size space rented for the show.

Unlimited Design and Flexibility
Tube Ultra® comes in round and square components. The parts are modular, assemble easily and have slots running the length of the tube for maximum flexibility, configurability and design. The grooves also allow for wire management.

Innovative Slot Banner System
Vibrant fabric graphics on Tube Ultra® are attached within the groove for a clean, professional brand presentation.

Graphic Tube Light
Dress up your Tube Ultra® exhibition stand with illuminated shades carrying your brand or message to attract more attention and give you a custom look.

Lighting Up Your Tube Ultra® Exhibit
Tube Ultra® can host any of Skyline’s fine line of trade show exhibit lighting solutions.

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