TOP 5 Promotional Products Discovered during the Tops Publicité Expo

While participating at Tops Publicité at Palais des congrès on August 30th, I noticed many products that grabbed by attention. Sadly, I couldn’t report on each one. I have therefore chose my Top 5 promotional products that I would recommend to my customers, to you. Read the articles below!

Top 1 : iAmp

This product will probably make a lot of iPhone and Apple products enthusiasts happy. BannerPen inc. Demonstrated a very interesting product for music lovers. A sound amplifier for iPhone 3, 4 and 4S. A product that allows the user to listen to music without having to plug in anything else, be it in the house, the car, at the office or outside for a good meal. The sound of your device will be amplified through this silicon amplifier. Available in many colours, you can personalize it with your logo or slogan. The technology is more and more important these days. Do you know anyone who goes out without a phone ? It is time to attract this customer base. For more information on this business or the product, please contact Veronica Vendittelli, general manager.

Top 2 : Vintage Collection ; Messenger Bag

We would like to offer this practical product to your customers that will be of great use everywhere they go. Busrel is offering its new Vintage collection, a stylish, professional and practical bag, that is available in three different models, very similar to the Adidas bag that is found in shops all over Europe. The bag is made of PVC, has a matte finish, white trim, a front pocket with a zipper and an adjustable shoulder strap. More than just a gift, this collection combines quality and visibility. For more information visit

Top 3 : USB

In the business world, you often have to save digital documents and transport them a few different places on a USB key. Why buy a simple USB key when you can personalize it? During a show, having personalized USB keys to give away can be a good way to provide necessary information to potential clients, while being environmentally friendly. No waste of paper with PSL. It can be a man-shaped key or for you, ladies, a ring-shaped key. Anything is possible. The benefit of these USB keys is that they are always needed, one day or another, and they will always be near your desk or laptop. For more information on this business or the product, please contact Bonnie Tallarico, director.

Top 4 : T-shirt

What do you thinks of a promotional product small in size that represents exactly your business? T-shirts printed and compressed into your choice of over 400 shapes! The principle is simple: The t-shirt will have the logo/theme of your business and the packaging will have the special shape. A paper insert card is printed in full colour, laid on top of the compressed t-shirt, and then the whole package is all shrink wrapped together. For example, see the image above representing a few different possibilities, almost unlimited in the variety of shapes.  For more information on this business or the product, please contact Brant Boytinck at Douglasbridge.

Top 5 : Kubus

Merkmount made me discover a technological and modern product during the PPPC expo. The product consists of a cube that shows the time and the temperature. In addition, it is connected through a USB port which allows you to install it on your desk, close to your computer. The benefit of this product is that it will always be on the desk of your potential clients. They will look at the time, at any moment of the day, and they will immediately think of your business. Useful and efficient. For more information on this business or the product, please contact Augusto Sotelo, director of Merkmount.