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Pop up Mirage®

The world’s best trade show pop up booth ever made is designed to be light weight, easy to install and look great. Skyline has perfected this display by creating the best laminate in the industry so that your graphics always look great. Our pop up models are made with only the best materials because we know that you don’t have time to worry about our booth’s durability.

Mirage® Plus: Made with fiber-carbon, the Mirage® Plus is the Mercedez of the pop up world. Its self-locking frame makes it the fastest booth to set up and the magnets on the channels are top grade. Don’t buy an off the rack pop up if you haven’t seen the difference in quality with your own eyes.

Mirage® Classic: Made out of fiberglass, this ultra-durable pop up trade show display keeps going and going. Connectors easily install in minutes. Check out our showroom to see how easy graphics fit on this frame. They just click into place because our polarized magnets are applied so well.

Mirage® Advantage: This hybrid fiberglass pop up frame uses magnets to self-lock. Only two pounds heavier than the Mirage® Plus, but saves you two minutes on the installation side, the Mirage® Advantage is our silver winner. All three frames are guaranteed for life so no matter which model you choose, it’s Skyline quality.

Additional Considerations: Transport Cases, Quality of Graphics, Monitor Brackets, Shelving, Counters and Lighting

No trade show booth is complete without the finishing touches. All of our pop up models can be equipped with case table conversion kits (transport cases that also become counters). The extra parts can also fit in our transport cases. The latter are compartmentalized to ensure that the parts inside are restrained from damaging each other. Graphics and the hardware are divided appropriately to eliminate damages that typically happen during shipping. All our transport cases are made with rugged molded plastic and have four wheels for ease of handling.

Skyline graphics are made with high quality printers and customized laminate to ensure proper fit and finish. There’s nothing worse than bubbling laminate or graphics not lining up. We offer premium inkjet and lambda print, as well as backlit graphics.

Lighting your exhibition stand is very important. Traditional 200 watt halogen lights (while still available) are quickly becoming obsolete. They are typically hot and use a lot of energy. Skyline has recently launched ceramic metal halide (CMH) lights for a true white light and LED lights. Both new options are very economic green solutions which won’t disappoint. We recommend that you see them with your own eyes and analyze the durability and cost savings. Skyline pop ups trade show displays can also be backlit. Backlit graphics attract attention on the message filled show floor. Increase your odds of being seen.

For those companies requiring displaying products whithin their trade show booth, all of our pop up exhibit models can integrate shelving directly onto the magnetic channels which integrate directly on the frame. You’d be surprised at how much weight a pop up can hold, but don’t mistake it for a modular or custom display. Skyline pop up displays can also integrate monitors for an interactive space.