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  • Alumimum frame system allows for different angles and shapes
  • Ability to be double-sided
  • Ability to be hung as pictures
  • Typically used as an inline exhibit, but can be used in island settings or retail environments
  • Large seamless fabric graphics made with Skyline’s patented Performa graphics
  • Available for purchase or rental
  • Light weight
  • Portable

Create custom shapes
PictureScape’s versatility allows you to create different shapes and sizes just by changing the angles. Your designer or ours can come up with shapes reflective of your brand, products and / or services. We also offer a variety of standard shapes.

Architectural Impact on Your Communication
The Exhibition industry is always trending with architecture. PictureScape offers that unique ability to accurately reflect your brand through the architecture of the frame as well as the printed graphic.

Create Additional Depth and 3D Effects with PictureScape©
By combining two or more PictureScape© structures (can be different shapes too), with supporting graphic design, you can create additional depth and engaging effects for your audience. You can also add show lighting to further the attraction with PictureScape©

PictureScape© designs in action: