Exhibiting at Trade Shows — How Many Audiences do you Really Have?

Article by Schrenk PR

There is more than one audience to consider when participating in a trade show.  We often think about sales as the true measurement of a trade show’s success, but there are other benefits too.  Trade shows also provide a dynamic environment that’s conducive to making new business contacts.  “Being at the right place at the right time,” is never truer than at a trade show.

Another important audience that attends trade shows is the media, who are always looking for the next innovative product or business solution.  You might not feel comfortable contacting them yourself or you might think that your product doesn’t merit media attention.  That’s a shame because the media can give your brand a lot of valuable exposure.

Articles, blog posts, TV and radio interviews help build credibility for your brand because a third party endorsement is believable.  Being talked about by the media makes you and your product stand out from the crowded trade show floor in a memorable way.

While the direct ROI of a trade show is sales, it’s important to think about the other audiences you encounter and the roles they can play in building your brand’s visibility.  All three audiences: customers, business contacts and the media should be part of your next trade show strategy. Remember, trade shows don’t just offer short term benefits but also long term too.