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Ministère des finances et de l’économie du Québec

Every exhibitor searches for tactics to atttract attention and foster exchanges in their booth. Here are a few!

The Ministère des Finances et de l’Économie (MFEQ) decided this year to completely renew its trade show booth, “Espace Québec”, at the Biotechnology International Organization (BIO) international convention 2013 in Chicago.


A striking concept

The objective was first and foremost to make the booth more open and inviting than the one the MFEQ had previously used. Therefore, the chosen booth was mainly composed of Envoy® columns and three hanging, backlit PictureCube©. Among the components of this modular booth were meeting areas that allowed visitors to network with MFEQ members, as well as the various partners on-site, well-represented by the Envoy® columns. Each of the three eight-foot squared PictureCube© attracted attention by the brightness of their vivid and refreshing colors, as well as by their short calls to action. Their height, compared to other stands, allowed the booth to been seen from afar and to further stand out.

Promising outcomes

“L’Espace Québec” generated this year results that were much higher than those of previous years. In fact, “we noted a considerable increase in the amount of encounters carried out with different companies […]”, declares the MFEQ. Moreover, exhibiting objectives, such as promoting the Québec biopharmaceutical environment, gathering the province’s businesses and organizations, as well as increasing partnership opportunities, were definitely reached. In terms of booth design, “[Skyline] truly listened to our needs”, adds the MFEQ.

 About the MFEQ   

The ministère des Finances et de l’Économie plays a critical role in its financial mission in Québec, as well as in terms of the support of the economic and sustainable developments of the province, by promoting collaboration between various organizations and businesses. The MFEQ supports the latter through their growth by supplying information, assistance and guidance, as well as by arranging financial help, several workshops, and activities fostering business development. Finally, the MFEQ aids other organizations, such as collectivities and the Québec population.


Article written in collaboration with the Ministère des Finances et de l’Économie

Winter 2014