3 Ways To Use Social Media For Trade Shows

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Social media is everywhere and your company is probably using it, but are you using it right?  The next time you exhibit with your trade show booths, consider using your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and even your blog in these unique ways to increase visibility and promote your business.

Increase Anticipation By Posting Photos Of Your Trade Show Labor Staff

If you have trade show labor staff provided by the venue, ask if you can take  some photos during the installation process and post them on your accounts.  If  the trade show labor staff has their own Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or other  social media accounts, tag them and compliment them on their hard work and dedication.  This very simple act can increase anticipation and excitement for  visitors, but it’s also excellent advertising for your trade show labor company.  Chances are good that they’ll jump at the opportunity.  If you don’t have a  provided team putting your trade show display together, take photos of your own  employees.

Entice People To Visit Your Display By Announcing  Special Contests

Giveaways are an expected part of a trade show display, but that doesn’t mean  you need to stick with boring old pens, notepads or other common giveaways.  Instead, use social media to make a big splash and give away something big to  your followers.  Invite guests to stop by your booth and give your employees a  special code word to be entered to win a larger, more exciting prize.  Common  ones can be tablet computers, MP3 players and other electronic gadgets, but if  you’re short on funds, consider giving away a product or service from your own  company.  You won’t have to worry about laying out a lot of cash for the prize  and you might just gain a few new customers in the process!

Blog About The Event Before, During And After

If you’re truly dedicated to social media, make sure you have a blog.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all excellent resources, but a blog is where  your company can really shine.  Give customers a sneak peek of any new products  or services that you’ll be debuting at your trade show display and designate one  employee to take a break from meeting with customers during the event so they can write a quick blog post.  Once you do get back to the office, take some time to write about the event’s highlights.  Include stories about some of the  customers you met.  It’s a given that some of your customers will be unable to  attend the event and this gives them an excellent opportunity to feel like they were there too.

Many companies are worried that they need to be perfect in their social media  accounts but customers want to see your real side.  Don’t be afraid to interact with customers on your social media accounts and show a little personality!  Developing relationships with customers can be easier than ever with social  media, as long as you do it correctly!